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China is a big agricultural country. It is also one of the countries with the longest history of agriculture development in the world. Crops like rice originated from China.

Qinling Mountains and Huaihe River serve as an important demarcation line of north-south boundary in China.

The northern region north to this line mainly grows dry crops like wheat, corn, Chinese sorghum and soybean. In the south of this region, cotton and sweet potatoes are planted. Fruits grown in this region include apples, pears, peaches, apricots, persimmons, walnuts, water-chestnuts, jujubes and grapes.

The southern region south to the line grows crops all year round. The staple crop is rice, which can be harvested two to three times in a year. The southern region also grows bananas, pineapples, longans, lychees, coconuts, etc.

Chinese government attaches great significance to agriculture. It constantly increases investment in agriculture by actively building farmland irrigation and water conservation infrastructure. These efforts have led to China improvement of agricultural modernization and great accomplishments in agriculture. This is particularly shown by the fact that China manages to feed 22% of world population with less than 7% of the world cultivated land.

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The production of various crops in China has fast growth rate. The output of grains, meat, cotton, rape, peanuts and fruit rank first in the world. However, the output per capita is comparatively small due to its large population.
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